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Looking for ways to add activity in to your work day? Check out Cubii, the under-your-desk mini elliptical that makes moving a bit easier!

Disclosure: I received a free Cubii desk elliptical in exchange for a blog post review
Looking for ways to add activity in to your work day? Check out Cubii, the under-your-desk mini elliptical that makes moving a bit easier! - #ad @MyCubii #fitness

Sometimes sitting is inevitable. We work to add more activity to our days, get our daily workouts in, and more more, but in the end some of us end up having to sit for several hours a day (or more) for our work.

Between working on my blog, writing, and creating workout plans for personal training, I end up sitting at my desk for a few hours off and on throughout the day. I try to get up and move regularly, but sometimes it’s nice to move a little while I’m sitting at my desk.

Even though sitting is inevitable for some of us, being inactive doesn’t have to be! While there are plenty of options out there for staying active at your desk (standing desk, desk cycle, etc.), but Cubii has created a practical and portable option to keep people active while working. Meet the Cubii desk elliptical, the only digitally connected desk elliptical.

The innovators at Cubii sent me a desk elliptical unit to review on my blog, and I was excited to try it out! I love trying out new equipment and technology, and I wanted to add something to my desk to stay moving. Cubii is also offering my readers a discount for your own Cubii, so make sure you read to the end for the discount 🙂

Workout at Your Desk with Cubii (review and discount!) - #ad @MyCubii #fitness #discount

Here are some of the features of the Cubii desk elliptical:

  • Quiet, non-intrusive design
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Burns 120 calories per hour
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with wheel stops for safe use with desk chairs with wheels
  • Runs on a battery so it won’t take up space in your power outlet
  • Comes in 2 colors (black and chrome) to match your decor
Workout at Your Desk with Cubii (review and discount!) - #ad @MyCubii #fitness #discount

The movement with Cubii isn’t big, so the calorie burn is moderate, but it makes a difference in weekly calorie burning if you regularly use it. You can still burn calories and move more even while working at your desk, watching TV, or reading.

An extra calorie burn of just 150 calories a day can make a positive difference in weight loss and weight maintenance over the course of a year even if you don’t change your calorie intake.

Because the movement is smaller, your knees won’t bump your desk (unless you have a short desk). My desk is a bit tricky since I have a panel under my desktop that shortens my desk a bit. I’m thinking about removing that panel so it would make it a bit easier for me to use the Cubii with my desk, but even then I can still use it with my desk if I set my chair back a bit.

Currently Cubii is the only digitally connected desk elliptical, allowing users to keep track of progress and set goals with the Cubii app that connects to your unit. You can check the app to see your progress with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly charts.

Workout at Your Desk with Cubii (review and discount!) - #ad @MyCubii #fitness #discount

The best thing to do with your Cubii is committing yourself to using it on a regular basis. Don’t just get one and let it sit! You can set calorie and distance goals with your Cubii and set up notifications so you create a habit to use it regularly.

This mini elliptical also has adjustable resistance so you can make it easier or harder as you like depending on the day. The highest setting is actually quite strong!

There is some assembly required with the Cubii, but it’s pretty minimal and it’s super easy to assemble with great instructions. The Cubii runs off a battery in the unit so it just needs charged periodically by plugging it into a wall outlet so it stays wireless the rest of the time (fewer cords to worry about!).

The battery charge is displayed on the front of the Cubii so it’s easy to see when it needs charged again.

Workout at Your Desk with Cubii (review and discount!) - #ad @MyCubii #fitness #discount

If you need to change locations, no problem! The Cubii elliptical is a quite sturdy and a bit heavy, but it has a handle so you can easily move it so you can use it while reading, watching TV, or moving to another office. Pretty handy!

Cubii is definitely a unique and useful tool for staying active while sitting, whether you’re at your desk, watching TV, or reading. Making small changes in your daily activity levels can have huge impacts on health, so it’s important to make your time at your desk active too!

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Workout at Your Desk with Cubii (review and discount!) - #ad @MyCubii #fitness #discount

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