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Do-Anywhere Core Workout Videos (and Stretching Video)

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Looking for more workout inspiration? Check out my Core Workout videos for 2 core workouts you can do anywhere (along with a stretching video!)

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Hi, friends! How are your workouts going so far this week? If you need a little inspiration or some different exercises for a change of pace, I just released 2 equipment-free core workout videos for you to try! I recorded these videos last year, along with several other videos, and have been releasing them here and there.

These core workouts are short, 4-ish minute workouts you can add to your regular routine, or you can combine them together with my Booty Blast Workout videos and my Tabata workout videos for a complete full-body workout that you can do anywhere. You can even repeat the workout a couple times to get a longer core workout!

Tips for a good core workout:

  • When doing crunches or sit-ups, support your neck with your hands but don’t pull on your neck
  • Don’t let your low back arch off the floor or mat, keep your low back pressed into the floor
  • When you’re doing sit-ups or crunches, make sure that you are leading with your shoulders and chest, not your head and neck. Keep your head in natural alignment with your spine
  • Engage your core muscles the entire time you are moving, even when you are in the eccentric (lowering phase) of your exercise. This builds core strength better and will protect your low back during core workouts

Core Workout #1

This workout is more of a beginner’s core workout and is a bit easier to do

Core Workout #2

This second core workout video is a bit more difficult and is a step above the first workout in difficulty.

Follow up your workout with a good stretch

This 6-minute stretch video is perfect for a post-workout cool-down. If you want to build flexibility, hold each stretch longer (30 seconds or more) or complete this stretching video 2 or even 3 times. Have a good stretch!

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