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Booty Blast Workout Video Series

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Give your glutes a workout with my Booty Blast workout video series! Include these workouts in your regular routine, or do all 4 videos at once

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Hey, friends, time for some more videos! One of the things I struggle with most in blogging has been (and probably always will be) consistency in my content creation, especially when it comes to making videos. I’m still not a natural in front of the camera: it takes sooo much work for me to act natural, ironically, but it’s getting better. I just need more practice, which is why I should be more consistent.

I haven’t been very consistent on the video content front, but fortunately I created a bunch of short workout videos several months ago for a project with a blogging friend and during my time training with Fitnet so I have several videos uploaded and just waiting to be shared.

Since I did a lot of the work a while ago, now I just have to organize my short workout videos in blog posts so you can see the entire series right here on my blog. I originally posted my first Booty Blast workout a little while ago, but I added 3 more the series to fill it out.

My last short-video workout series was the Tabata workout videos I posted not too long ago. I created 3 videos: beginner, moderate, and higher intensity, plus a 6-minute stretching routine that is a perfect post-workout cooldown.

Today, it’s all about the glutes! Each video in the Booty Blast series will hit different aspects of the glute and leg muscles, so they are great if you want to add one video to different days of the week, mix and match them with the Tabata videos, OR complete all 4 videos at once for a great 20-munute glutes workout (followed by the 6-minute stretching video, of course!).

Since these are on YouTube (portable on your favorite device!) and there is no equipment required, these workouts are super flexible. You can do these workouts on your lunch break in your office, in your hotel when traveling, or with friends for a workout date. Have fun with these and let me know what you think!

Booty Blast Workout #1:

Booty Blast Workout #2:

Booty Blast Workout #3:

Booty Blast Workout #4:

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