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50+ Gluten Free and Dairy Free Halloween Treats

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If your family or friends have food allergies, here are over 50 fun dairy free and gluten free Halloween treats to make for parties or school! Our roundup also includes vegan, nut free, low carb, and paleo options

photo collage of gluten free Halloween treats

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween already?!

I think half my blog posts start with some version of that sentiment – I’m always saying to myself where did the time go. But as long as I’m making the most of the time I have, that’s okay 😉

Dairy free and gluten free Deliciously Dark Halloween Apples by My Goodness Kitchen - black candy apples

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, you can’t deny that the sweet treats in this roundup are so clever and cute! Like the Blobby merengues, or the black candy apples (no food coloring in them!).

Every recipe in this Halloween treat roundup is dairy free and gluten free, with some vegan, paleo, and nut free options as well. Most of these Halloween recipes (not all) also feature natural food colors and foods with fewer additives.

photo collage of dairy free halloween treats

Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats from The Fit Cookie

Here are some great allergy friendly Halloween treats from our own website, The Fit Cookie. Take a peek at our ghoulish treats!

Gluten free & dairy free Halloween treats from around the web

Here is our roundup of amazing gluten free and dairy free Halloween candy and treats from other great bloggers! There are nut free and vegan options here as well, so there's something to fit just about every diet.

photo collage of allergy friendly halloween treats

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