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HIIT the Weights Total Body Workout

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Get in shape in 30 minutes with this total-body HIIT weights and cardio mashup: HIIT the Weights Workout!

Our first HIIT the Weights workout is a full-body workout that’s perfect for the gym (check out our 2nd HIIT the weights workout!)

HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Good morning friends! It has been a little while since I have posted a workout here, so it’s high time for another one!

I put this workout together on Wednesday morning for a class I was subbing. It is a total-body metabolic conditioning HIIT workout: a high-intensity strength and cardio mash-up! Lots of good stuff in here, and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete this when you add a good 5-10 minute warm-up.

The letters in this workout correspond to what type of exercise it is and db is short for dumbbells:

  • w = weights
  • c = cardio
  • r = rest
  • db = dumbbells

So for this workout, you will need a good set of dumbbells, heavier ones if you can. The best ones for this workout are dumbbells with flat sides, those are best for plank rows. If you

In my class we did this HIIT circuit 4 times, and then did some more exercises and stretching to round out 50 minutes, but depending on the amount of time you have, you can do 2-3 rounds if you don’t have a lot of time, or you can do 5 rounds if you want a longer workout. Whichever route you choose, make sure you go at your own pace! Modify the exercises when necessary, just keep moving.

HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Don’t forget the warm-up! A good warm-up is essential before any exercise, especially intense exercise or weight lifting. Here’s the warm-up I used with my class before this workout:

  • Body weight squats x 10
  • Plank + shoulder tap x 10/arm
  • Low burpees (alternating low lunge with hands on the floor) x 5/side
  • Repeat (3 times total)
  • Follow with dynamic stretching

And always make time for post-workout stretching, even if it’s 5 minutes. This helps maintain mobility and flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent muscle knots. Being strong is awesome, but it doesn’t help if you don’t have mobility and flexibility with it!

Jump squats: HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Jump squats (check out my video on how to do pop/jump squats)

Alternating lunges: HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Alternating dumbbell forward lunges are very similar to reverse lunges. If you have a hard time keeping your balance during forward lunges with dumbbells, you can replace those with alternating reverse lunges (check out my video of alternating reverse lunges).

PLank row: HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Plank row (aka renegade row)

Moutain climbers: HIIT the Weights Workout #fitness #workout #fitfluential #HIIT @TheFitCookie

Mountain climbers: you can do these with or without gliders (check out my video on how to do mountain climbers)

Here are some good examples of the other exercises if you aren’t familiar with them:


Squats (add dumbbells)


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