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HIIT the Weights Full Body Workout #2

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Switch up your workouts with this fun weights and HIIT combination routine! Our second HIIT the Weights workout is a full-body workout that’s perfect for home or the gym (check out our first HIIT the Weights workout!)

HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Hey friends, it’s time for a workout! I haven’t posted a ton of workouts lately since I have been only teaching yoga these days and I usually post my class plans for workouts here. But since I’ve still been personal training and doing plenty of my own workouts, I’ve been itching to get more out to you guys!

A while ago I subbed several times for a HIIT/cardio class and I put together this workout for one of our classes. This is a variation of my first HIIT the Weights Workout I posted a while back.

This workout is such a great way to get your cardio and strength into one workout! I love this workout format so I’ve used it several times for different fitness classes over the last couple years and students seem to like it.

HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Here’s a key for the workout:

  • DB = Dumbbell (you can use a barbell for most of these exercises too)
  • W = weights/strength
  • C = cardio
  • 30/30/20 = 30 seconds strength, 30 seconds cardio, 20 seconds rest

This HIIT the Weights workouts are easy to customize: you can use bodyweight strength exercises instead of exercises with weights or you can use resistance bands. You can do more rounds for an advanced exerciser or 1 or 2 rounds for a beginner. You can even increase the work intervals if you want! The sky’s the limit here.

Here are the exercises in the workout:

Squats - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Squats: hold dumbbells (or use bodyweight for beginners)

Jumping Jacks

Row - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Row: use dumbbells, pumpkin, or exercise band

Mountain climbers - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Mountain Climbers: do these quickly for more cardio

Weighted sit-up - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Weighted sit-up: use a dumbbell, plate, or bodyweight (or a pumpkin!)

Jump Rope

Bicep curl + press

Dumbbell Burpees - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Burpees (with or without the dumbbells, if using dumbbells, use ones with flat sides)

Alternating lunges - HIIT the Weights Workout #2 - @TheFitCookie #workout #fitness #fitfluential

Alternating Lunges

High Knees

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