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How to Grind Your Own Flour at Home

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If you have food allergies and are on a budget, grinding your own flour is something to consider. Here’s my video tutorial for using a grain mill at home.

Grind Your Own Flour at Home


Interested in learning more about saving money while cooking gluten free? One way to save some money on your allergy-friendly cooking is to invest in a home grain mill. My family has used a home grain mill for years.

My Mom actually started grinding flour at home when I was a teenager, and we fell in love with homemade bread made with fresh ground wheat flour. We used to buy wheat berries in bulk from the Wheat Montana company.

These days, I don’t eat gluten because of my gluten intolerance, and my kids and husband eat less gluten than most, so we use a grain mill to help cut costs with our gluten-free cooking.

I usually use brown rice since it is less expensive and more readily available than most other gluten-free grains, but you can grind just about any starchy grains in a grain mill. Check out the video below to see how I use my Nutrimill!



NOTE: This is not a sponsored post or a product review. The Nutrimill I use is my own personal kitchen tool that I wanted to share!

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