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Ellie Clothing and Subscription Box Review

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Get the scoop on Ellie fitness clothing and subscription box! Check out my review of Ellie Clothing and my thoughts on the company

Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog review. All opinions are my own

UPDATE (6/23/17): Ellie has relaunched their business again some time in early 2017

UPDATE: Ellie clothing is no longer in business around August 2015-ish (not sure exactly when – they didn’t give people a heads up!)

It’s clothing review time again! I have been doing a whole bunch of product reviews lately, so here is another review to take a look at!

Last year, I wrote a review for PV.body clothing back in November. The company has gone through some significant changes in recent months. Originally, the PV.body company sold fitness clothing subscription boxes comprised of name brand clothing items.

Now, the PV.body company has transitioned their business to producing their own fitness clothing under the new brand name Ellie.

Several weeks ago I got a new Ellie outfit to try out and review. So, here is my take on the clothing, the program, and the company, with my final takeaway.

 The Clothing

For my outfit, I ordered the Catch Me If You Can top in blue (retail $39.95), and the Kiss Me capris (retail $54.95). I really liked both pieces of clothing. I wasn’t sure about the sizing, so with these items I ordered a size larger than I normally wear. Which is a good thing: the clothing fit perfectly even though I ordered up.

The Catch Me If You Can top fits great and is a soft tech fabric with mesh paneling in the under arm areas for breathability. It is very similar to the 15Love top in my first PV.body review, only this one has long sleeves and a slightly thicker fabric. The sleeves are good and long  but fitted, so if you have large arms or “big guns” you may want to consider a larger size.

The shirt also has thumbholes that are very comfortable and fold-over hand covers for chilly days. The seams and logos are in good shape, even after having washed this top several times. I machine wash this top and hang dry and it has held up quite well.

The short-sleeved shirt from 15Love that I received last time and this shirt are now some of my favorite tops because they are flattering, they fit great, and the fabric is very comfortable.

I wasn’t so sure about the fit of the capris at first – they are a bit more snug than I am used to wearing. But I took these through a long day at the gym last Monday to test them out. I did some personal training, then I ran 1 mile, lifted weights (including squats and lunges), taught my 1-hour Zumba class, and then did some foam rolling and stretching (which included some yoga moves).

The capris stayed on very well through everything and they didn’t slouch or threaten to fall down anytime during my workout, even during the squats and yoga. The waistband is shaped well – the wide waistband is good for my short waist and longish hip-bones.

The capris were quite flattering and made my bum and legs look great, which is a big deal since I am very picky about the exercise pants I wear (my husband can verify this – he hates clothes shopping with me).

The seams and logos on the capris are good, and they held up great in the wash (again, I machine washed and line dried). The waistband seam didn’t want to lay flat after washing, but I don’t foresee this being an issue. The material is thick enough so you aren’t seeing anything through the fabric, but light enough to be comfortable when you get hot during your workout.

There was a long tag in the back of the capris, but I cut it off to make sure that it wouldn’t accidentally stick out. My only suggestion on the capris would be more breathability in the, um, seat/crotch area. But I would have to say this applies to most workout capris.

One great thing about the Ellie clothing is that they are made in the US, right there in California, so you can feel good knowing that the clothing is fair and more than likely sweat-shop free.

The Program

The new Ellie program is going to be similar to the old program in that you can opt in to the Fit Fashionista program to get a monthly subscription box of Ellie fitness clothing for $49.95 and free shipping. This price includes 2 pieces of your choice, whether you choose 2 tops, 2 bottoms, or 1 of each. In the Fit Fashionista club, you can fill out a style quiz, but you can still pick the pieces you want so there will be greater power of choice here.

Ellie’s Fit Fashionista Club

If you want to skip the monthly box program, you can just buy the clothing directly off the Ellie site for the cost of each piece of clothing plus shipping. Each month Ellie will release new styles, so there will always be something new to check out. Some of Ellie’s styles are similar in style to some luxury brands, so you can get similar styles for less of an investment.

 The Company

Now, let’s take a look at the company. If you have spent any amount of time reading fitness blogs, you will have undoubtedly seen some negative reviews about the company. There have been some people who have not received packages, affiliates who have not been paid, etc.

There are some people who have had negative experiences and some people who have had good experience with the company. Everyone’s experience has been a little bit different. As far as my own personal experience goes, I have had a good working relationship with the company so far, barring the exception of a late paycheck.

I do not believe that this company is a scam, as some have claimed. I do, however, believe that there are some business improvements that could be made. The company has been working to make some changes, such as improving their customer service department, so hopefully these issues will be resolved.

The Bottom Line

As with everything, I am going to be up front about the product, the company, and my experience. My experience with the company has been good from the beginning, but ultimately the consumer must make the final decision. I will not write a negative review if my personal experience has been positive.

I will provide my honest opinion so that people can make the most educated and practical decision for themselves. Yes, that means going with your gut regardless of what I say or anyone else says.

Ultimately, as a consumer, I encourage my readers to be responsible, do the research, and form your own opinion.

6 thoughts on “Ellie Clothing and Subscription Box Review”

  1. A friend gifted me with a set of Ellie workout outfit and the set’s definitely comfy! The cloth is so soft that I can move freely during workouts. Nice post!

  2. I highly recommend NOT shopping with Ellie. Their customer service and ordering experience is abysmal– the worst I have seen in years. Online shopping has become so easy that I forgot how bad it could be– it’s like Ellie has gone back in time and used an ordering and service model from the late 90s.

    I ordered a top and bottom that I thought were cute. Upon entering my shipping and billing info, I clicked “place order” or whatever the command was. The page was unresponsive for several minutes while it “processed” my order. It eventually said “order failed” or something like that, so I opened a new tab and did it all again. I was frustrated by how long it was taking to process, so I closed the window. When I re-launched the site, it told me my cart was empty. “How can this be?” I thought, “neither of my orders were processed or confirmed!” I then check my email and have one order confirmation email. This is okay, I think.

    Then I check my bank statement the next day and see that i was charged TWICE! I then send an email to the customer service (there is no number listed on the site) to which I receive a generic email that my question will be answered in 1-2 business days. Ellie, your clothing is expensive and ordering two pieces put my order to almost $100, and this is no small number to be double-charged.

    I have called the customer service number on the site 4 times during business hours, and each time I hear the message that “it is either outside of business hours or we are unable to take your call.” This is horrible. No email response and not even an answer on the phone line that I have tried multiple times. I hope you tell all of your friends not to order from them— they do NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS.

    • Hi Peyton, thanks for sharing this! Ellie has sent me things to review but I haven’t ordered anything from their website through “traditional way” before. Some of my friends had ordered things and didn’t have troubles. I hope you can get the situation resolved! Their customer service definitely needs improving

  3. In your update you said you no longer support Ellie but you never said why. Can you share please? I’m debating whether I should join the Fashionista Fit club but I just want to be sure. Thanks!

    • Hi Taylor! I have withdrawn from the Ellie ambassador program because of a lot of inconsistencies and poor business management from the company. I was informed that Ellie is under new management and they have an improved customer service team, so they may be better equipped these days to handle customer orders and issues. I really do love the clothing, but I don’t feel right promoting their company with the issues I have had and many others. I believe they are trying hard to rectify the problems they have had in the past (especially bad customer service), but I can’t say for certain how their service will be. If you do decide to buy their clothing, let me know how your experience is – I would love to know how their new management is working. 🙂

    • Hi Taylor! I wanted to update you on Ellie: I have decided to work with Ellie again as an ambassador and affiliate with the new changes in management and customer service reps. I am looking forward to seeing the new changes unfold and see where the company will go from here! If you have any concerns or comments, let me know! 🙂


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