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Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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Sometimes setting aside the time to clean can be tough, but it’s easier if you plan ahead with this printable cleaning schedule

Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedules - @thefitcookie #home #organization #cleaning

I am a bit of an organizing junkie. I love to have an organized and clutter-free house. In fact, clutter stresses me out so much that if I haven’t had a chance to keep the house clean, I become a very grumpy person.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that my house is spotless, though. I have been getting busier with my blogs and my personal training so my house cleaning has suffered a bit lately. But, I know that it is much easier to take 30 minutes daily to stay on top of the cleaning than it is to take several hours later on to catch up.

Because life is getting busier, I have noticed that I stay focused and on task better if I have set some deadlines or schedules to follow. I have never been a bi schedule person, but I am finding this to be a necessity these days. To stay on top of my housework I created a cleaning schedule for myself and I want to share it with you!

I have a small house, so my cleaning schedule isn’t too full, but you can print it or save and edit in Adobe or PicMonkey and add your own tasks. I will try this out for a few weeks and then make changes as I need.

Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedules - @thefitcookie #home #organization #cleaning

Click here for the downloadable and printable PDF


 Daily tasks that are added to this would include:

  • Tidying
  • Laundry as needed
  • Making beds
  • Sweeping the kitchen floor (crumbs galore!)…hey, that rhymed!

But each of these tasks on the list above can easily take less than an hour, and tasks can be spread out throughout the day so you can get things done without spending an entire day cleaning. That also frees up your weekends to do fun family things!

Want a schedule that you can add your own tasks to? Below is the blank PDF template that you can upload to Adobe and add your own text, or you can print it and write in your own schedule. I am working on trying to get the JPEG version on here so people can edit using Picasa or PicMonkey.

Click here for the downloadable PDF

Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedules - @thefitcookie #home #organization #cleaning

9 thoughts on “Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule”

    • Hi Shawna! I just updated the post and added a blank version of the schedule. At this time, I could only add a PDF link, but you can edit this in Adobe programs or print the PDF and write in your own tasks. I am trying to upload a JPEG so that this can be modified in photo editing programs, but I am not having luck so far.

    • I am finding that it is so much easier for me to stay on top of things rather than try to catch up, it stresses me out to much when I feel behind!

  1. I used to do something like this where I assigned different days different chores and now I just tackle it all at once. I am can’t say that either way worked for me! Haha. I am still so bad about getting all the cleaning done. As you know with kids (mine are ages 14 mos, 4 & 6) the house is constantly a mess. 🙁 I might go back to trying to break it up like this. Thanks for the reminder. It definitely makes me feel better too when it is nice and tidy.

    • I have made schedules like this before, but never seemed to stick with them. I am going to give this a try again and really try to create some good habits 🙂

  2. Great schedule. I don’t know how you don’t have to clean your kitchen daily. That room *never* stays clean in my house. I need someone like you to organize my house for me. 🙂

    • The designated kitchen cleaning would be deeper cleaning, but I do some sort of kitchen cleaning daily. Our kitchen counter is a catch-all (gaw!!) and my workspace is actually on my kitchen counter, so it gets cluttered so fast!


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