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News and New Things We’re Loving #15

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Check out our latest News and New Things: stuff we’ve been trying lately, including a POPSUGAR Must Have Box, Vitaperk, Yuni, and more!

Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog post
Check out the new things I've been trying lately! News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #MustHaveBox @POPSUGARMH

Summer is winding down and this summer has been the busiest (blogging-wise) that I’ve had yet! Lots of cool things to share and do this summer, so I’m rounding up a bunch of things I’m enjoying and using to share with you!

Some of these items are things I have purchased on my own and some of them are items that PR agencies and companies have sent me. Since it’s been a while since I’ve done a round-up post like this, there is a lot to cover!

Check out the new things I've been trying lately! News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #MustHaveBox @POPSUGARMH

I got my first POPSUGAR Must Have Box! POPSUGAR sent me this July Must Have box to try out and review, and this one’s fun! Perfect timing, too, since July is my birthday month 😉

Here’s all the goodness that came in this month’s box:

  1. Joe Chips: these are kettle cooked chips that are made completely nut-free, gluten-free and free of trans fat, artificial ingredients, and MSG
  2. SunnyLife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder: this is too cute! Inflate this beverage holder and you can relax at the pool with your drinks handy
  3. European Wax Center Brow Highlighter in Pearl: I actually LOVE this color for highlighting when I where makeup – it works awesome around my eyes to make me look more awake
  4. Sachajuan Hair in the Sun: this is a leave-in UV filtering cream for you hair that won’t come off at the pool or beach, just use shampoo to remove it
  5. House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins
  6. Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White
  7. Pintrill Pineapple Pin: you can use this with the scarf!
  8. Trove Gift Card: get $20 off customized jewelry at Trove
Neocell joint products, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health

Neocell send me their newly released joint health products to try out: their Move Matrix supplement and the Joint Bursts. Both of these supplements have anti-inflammatory compounds like turmeric, along with collagen.

The Move Matrix also has glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and herbals like ginger and boswellia for joint health. I haven’t used them very much at this point so I can’t report back on effectiveness yet, but I’m looking forward to continuing with it!

Vitaperk vitamins for your coffee, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health

If you’re bad at remembering to take your daily multivitamin (like me!), then you should check this out: FitBoomBah sent me some packets of Vitaperk which is a vitamin supplement powder that is added to your coffee and it adds a little flavor (if you choose the flavored ones).

These has 15 vitamins and minerals in it (like Vitamin D, C, E, and Biotin), plus it has added guarana for a little perk. Pretty cool! They taste great and are all natural – no artificial sweeteners or flavors!

Hampton Creek non-dairy dressing, News and New Things #15 - #health #vegan

We’ve been loving the Hampton Creek dressings! We haven’t found them locally so far, but we’ve purchased them at Whole Foods Market in Fort Collins when we’ve traveled down there a couple times. The Ranch is awesome, and we just bought the Caesar and love it too! These are dairy-free and nut-free so everyone in my family can enjoy them.

Daiya has also made some vegan salad dressings but we haven’t tried those yet – they’re next on our list!

Passage Foods Street Kitchen Scratch Kits, News and New Things #15 - #cooking

Our local Walmart started carrying these street kitchen scratch kits for meals. I bought these 2 to try out and so far they are pretty good! The Moroccan Lemon Chicken was a bit too lemony for me, or maybe it was that the lemon didn’t taste like fresh lemon. At any rate, I still ended up adding a few more of my favorite spices to these to make them how I like it, but overall they aren’t too bad.

Some of those mixes have peanuts in them (like the thai satay) so make sure you read the labels!

Teeki Leggings in Reflection print, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #fitness #fashion

I got a new pair of leggings from Teeki that I am loving! These are nice and soft, and are made from recycled plastic bottles. This is the Reflection pattern, which is really cute (I like stripes!).

They have a really tall waistband (like 5 inches) which makes it nice since I don’t have to worry about things being covered when I bend over in forward fold or down dog. They aren’t see-through either, so no worries there!

Amazon Dash Button, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #allergyfriendly #EnjoyLifeFoods

Enjoy Life foods now has an Amazon Dash button! If you are using the Amazon Dash service and buy products for food allergies, you can now order Enjoy Life products through Amazon Dash.

Kinesiology Taping book, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health #fitness

If you’ve ever wondered about kinesiology taping, here’s a book you can use. Ulysses Press sent me this Kinesiology Taping book to read through, and it has DIY taping techniques for all kinds of injuries.

I need to start getting some more physical therapy for my knee since I have patellarfemoral syndrome in both knees (my kneecaps aren’t in alignment), and I might need to get some taping done. I’ll keep everyone posted on how that goes!

Kinesiology Taping book, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health #fitness
Power 4 Superfood supplement drink from Genesis Today, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health #fitness

Genesis Today, one of my generous 30/31 challenge sponsors, sent me a couple bottles of their Power 4 fruit juice. This superfood juice blend is a mix of goji, acai, noni, and mangosteen juices mixed with organic raspberry paste. These are great mixed with smoothies are drank as a power shot!

Crispy Fruit from Crispy Green, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #nutrition #fruit #snacks

The Crispy Green company sent over some samples of their delicious freeze dried fruits for us to try! These come in 7 flavors (they also have orange slices and cantaloupe in addition to the ones above). We loved these and ate them up quick! The best part is that these are nut-free so my kids can enjoy them 🙂

New shower sheets from Yuni Beauty, News and New Things #15 - #sponsored #health #beauty

Yuni revamped their shower sheets! Since I’m an ambassador for Yuni, they sent me some more of their improved shower sheets. These ones are now individually wrapped so you can split your pack and keep some in your purse, some in your gym bag, or give some away. They are also made 50% larger so you can get clean all over a little easier!

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