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Pack it All In! FlipBelt Fitness Gear Review

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Disclosure: I received free FlipBelt product in exchange for a blog post
FlipBelt Review and Giveaway! - FitBetty.com

If you’re a runner, chances are that you’ve tried different waist packs for carrying essentials. Check out my review of the Flipbelt for different workouts

Let me introduce one of the best running products ever created (next to built-in briefs and thumb-holes):…drumroll…the FlipBelt! Some of you have already discovered this gem, but I am a late to the running party.

I was never big into running until earlier this year when my brother-in-law asked us to do a marathon with him (big leap for me!). I got injured in March so I decided to train for a half-marathon instead.

I started getting serious about running and quickly realized I needed a belt to carry my phone, car keys, and my knife {yep, I run with a good-size folding knife}. I found some belts with bottles attached to them, but they were too clunky.

I ended up buying a cheapy running belt at Wal-Mart but it was was barely big enough to hold my phone, let alone anything else I needed to cram in there.

Pack it All In! FlipBelt Review and Giveaway - FitBetty.com

I went to a 4-mile race where a friend of mine showed me her FlipBelt and I was instantly impressed – this would be perfect!  I tried out my new FlipBelt on a long run a couple weekends ago. I like to carry a knife folding knife with me when I run, so I decided to add this to my FlipBelt.

I wore my belt with the openings facing outside…Ooops! My phone stayed perfectly, but my knife was small and heavy so it slipped out during my run. I retraced my steps and found my knife. Then I tried again, this time flipping my belt inside out so the openings were inside.

Perfect! My knife stayed put for the next 6 miles. The moral of the story? If you carry small heavy objects, flip your belt inside out! If you are still concerned about certain things falling out, pack your small items into a sandwich-sized ziploc bag and stuff that in your belt – bingo.

I wasn’t sure which size FlipBelt I should buy at first but I ordered my regular size and found this to be a perfect fit, so they run true to size from my estimation. Their sizes run from XS to XL, just be sure to order your size depending on where you prefer to wear your belt (hips or waist).

The FlipBelt also come in plenty of bright colors and even some limited edition colors, too. But I went the safe route and picked a color that would go with every outfit – Carbon gray.

I am very happy with how sturdy my FlipBelt is: the fabric is soft and stretchy, but it is double layered so it stands up very well. These are very well made – you won’t have to worry about the fabric or stitches splitting apart if you jam too many goodies in your belt ๐Ÿ™‚

I have washed my FlipBelt several times and it looks just as good and holds up just was well as when I first got it a couple weeks ago. These will get sweaty, so I recommend washing these in cold water with your other clothing then laying flat to dry.

Try not to throw these in the dryer: as a general rule, heat breaks down fabrics with spandex and they can lose their stretch over time.

FlipBelt Review and Giveaway! - FitBetty.com

I have now used my FlipBelt for several weeks during all of my runs and even during some metabolic conditioning workouts and haven’t had an issue besides losing my knife the first day (which was my own fault). I now flip the belt inside out and haven’t had an issue with my knife falling out again!

I also love that I can feel the volume control buttons on my phone through the fabric so I can change the volume on my phone on the fly without taking my phone out of the belt.

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  1. YES! GIGI WANTS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I saw a display for this belt over the weekend, but I didn’t look closely, which was STUPID OF ME, because it seriously looks AMAZING and I hate holding my cellphone when I don’t want to bring my purse or a backpack, yet I NEED MY PHONE because I cannot live without my technology, Ugh – SOOO SAD! lol!

  2. I’ve heard how great these are! I’m just starting running more, and would love to not have to hold everything in my hands!


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