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PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket

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Need some motivation and guidance to workout and reach your goals? Check out PEAR Mobile, the heart rate based fitness coach in your pocket.

Disclosure: I received a free PEAR Mobile in exchange for a blog post
PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

Looking for a way to lose some weight or reach a new PR in your next race? Join the crowd! These days more and more exercisers are approaching fitness with very specific results in mind, and innovations in technology are making sports performance coaching accessible and affordable to just about anyone with a smartphone.

In fact, you can now get real-time fitness coaching that fits in your pocket with the PEAR Sports Training Intelligence system™.

I had the amazing opportunity to try out the PEAR Sports Training Intelligence™ Mobile system and I am excited to share it with you! In partnership with FitFluential, PEAR Sports sent me their Mobile system to test and review. PEAR has also thrown in a nice discount code for my readers (you will find this at the end of my review)!

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

The PEAR Sports heart rate tracking system goes beyond a simple fitness tracking device: it is the first of it’s kind to implement real-time coaching to provide individualized training for PEAR users.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

It also implements a scoring system that allows you to see how well you are staying within your target heart rate zone during your coached workout. Your score indicates what percentage of the time you remained within your training zone.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

First off, I completed the calibration workout to set up my PEAR and to determine my lactate threshold. The 20 minute calibration workout consists of running at various levels of perceived exertion to help determine your lactic acid threshold.

The calibration is coached the entire time so you know exactly what to expect. It takes some practice to get the levels of perceived exertion figured out, and the coach tells you that it may take a couple times to get the calibration done correctly.

Users are encouraged to take the calibration test every month or so to adjust the number to your improving fitness level.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

If you already know your lactate threshold through previous testing,  you can skip the calibration and add your own custom number. Don’t skip this portion of the set-up if you want to use the coaching programs: the calibration and lactate number is important for the PEAR system so it can accurately set your training zones for coaching.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

Now to work! I used the calibration workout as a warm-up and then chased it with the Bodyweight Burn 1 program…awesome!! I was sweating buckets by the end of this HIIT workout and it was a great change of pace from my regular fitness routine.

The workout consisted of 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest, and the exercises included push-ups, burpees, jump squats, just to name a few. In fact, the Bodyweight Burn 1 session inspired this workout I set up for the bootcamp class the following Monday.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

 Later on that weekend, I used the PEAR to track my long run on Saturday and finished my run with the Post Run Flex Mini to stretch out my muscles. This 13-minute stretching and myofascial release segment helps to improve flexibility in areas that runners need them most: the calves, IT band, and hip flexors.

This coached stretching and foam rolling routine was the perfect way to end my long run before starting my day! I was also quite impressed that this stretching session incorporated the foam roller, one of the most important yet most under-used recovery tools available.

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

The best thing about PEAR is there is something for everyone out of the hundreds of coached workouts in the PEAR database. Whether you are a beginner or advanced exerciser, or whether you prefer to walk, bike, run, stretch, or strength train, you will find a workout in their program to fit you.

You can even download complete training plans to help you reach certain goals, such as a 12-Week 1/2 marathon plan or the Racing Weight Quick Start plan (8 weeks, 48 workouts).

Some of the plans do cost some money, but they are very affordable: the Racing Weight Quick Start 8-week program is only $19.99 and is coached by Matt Fitzgerald, the author of the book Racing Weight.

The plans are downloaded to the app and sets up a calendar so you know what your plan is for the day and week. Plus, the workouts, plans, and coaching through PEAR are created by highly respected and qualified fitness professionals so you know you are getting a safe and effective workout!

PEAR Mobile: The Fitness Coach in Your Pocket - FitBetty.com @PearSports #review #fitgear

 I was really impressed with the PEAR Mobile training system! It is an excellent tool if you are looking for a fun way to change up your training, lose weight, or get set for an upcoming race. You can also get the PEAR Pro system that includes a foot pod and Square One unit.

The real-time training  is a game-changer for people who want to take their training to a new level but need a flexible and affordable coaching system. Through PEAR you have access to world-class trainers and coaches all at the press of a button and it fits in your pocket (or FlipBelt!). Isn’t technology amazing? 🙂

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  1. Girl… you do such a good job of hitting your target HR! I’m terrible at that part…. I’m learning though! 😉

  2. THAT looks AWESOME! I love that it finds your threashold and can re-calibrate based on increased fitness levels!!!


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