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Stay Safe Outdoors with Road ID

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Are you staying safe while active outdoors? You might be missing something: your identification! Stay safe on the go and get peace of mind with Road ID

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Let’s talk a bit about safety today. Do you stay safe when you’re staying active outside? Most of us make an effort to keep ourselves and our families safe when we’re staying active outdoors: keeping an eye on traffic, using proper equipment, paying attention to terrain. But there is often something that we’re missing. Carrying an ID.

If you’re like my family, we enjoy staying active outside running, hiking, cycling, and sledding. More often than not, our time outdoors does not include an ID of any kind, especially for our children who don’t have an ID anyway.

Sometimes in spite of our best efforts to stay safe, we can still run into trouble while spending time outdoors. Distracted drivers, medical conditions, and tripping and falling on rough terrain are all a few of the things we can encounter. Road ID creates durable and fashionable IDs for active people so you can have peace of mind when you stay active outside!

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Road ID makes bands and badges for first responders, like the one that my husband wears

Carrying some form of ID when you’re outside your home is incredibly important. Consider these statistics:

  • Every year, over 450,000 people are taken to the hospital unconscious and without ID
  • Each year over 122,000 walkers, runners, and cyclists are hit by cars
  • Thousands of walkers, runners, and cyclists suffer from medical emergencies like concussions, heat stroke, heart attack, and more
  • The National Safe Kids Campaign estimates that each year 39,000 children are injured enough to require medical attention
Stay Safe on the Go with Road ID - #ad @TheFitCookie @RoadID #RoadIDItsWhoIAm #roadid #Pmedia

Road ID was created with the idea that active people should include identification as a routine part of their regular workout gear. Road ID’s passion is to keep people safe and provide them with peace of mind, and their goal is to make wearing an ID as common as wearing your seatbelt.

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Even if you’re at the gym and not outside, it’s a good idea to wear your Road ID in case of an emergency of some kind. Most people don’t carry ID at the gym, and if something were to happen (like injury or illness), it’s best to still keep some form of identification with you and emergency contact info.

Since my kids like to bike ride outside, I got each of them a Road ID that also lists their food allergies. Both of my kids have anaphylactic food allergies, I made sure that we added that to each of their Road IDs. It’s so important for me to include allergies for us!

As a mom, it also gives me peace of mind if they are away from home since their major allergies are listed on their Road IDs. Since there are several lines on the Road ID, you can choose to add important medical information like diabetes, allergies, blood pressure complications, blood type, and more.

Road ID carries different types of IDs, like dog tags, slim or wide bracelets, and tags that fit fitness trackers, so you can decide how to carry your ID in a way that best fits you.

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I really love that Road ID partners with first responders! Road ID offers The Hero Program as a thank you to first responders, a discount program for first responders and their families. And with Christmas coming up, Road ID makes a great gift for the active people in our life!

Stay Safe on the Go with Road ID - #ad @TheFitCookie @RoadID #RoadIDItsWhoIAm #roadid #Pmedia

Between 11/19 and 11/23, take advantage of two special offers! When you buy one Road ID product, you’ll get each additional Road ID product for 50% off! Additionally, for every $20 gift card purchase, an extra $5 will be loaded to the gift card, while supplies last

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2 thoughts on “Stay Safe Outdoors with Road ID”

  1. Oh I need a road ID! Although I always presume I’m safe (running in central london means you’re pretty much always surrounded by people), often when I’m off on the trails I don’t even want to think what would happen if something went wrong…

    • Being out on the trails it’s so important to have one of these! And making sure others know where you are at. It’s easy to trip and fall or something on trails, so those are always good precautions. I usually run with some pepper spray, not just for possible attackers but also for dogs. Stray dogs can be so scary when you’re out running!


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