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8 Tips for an Awesome Zumba Class

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Getting ready to take your first Zumba class? Check out my 8 tips for an awesome Zumba class, from a former Zumba student and Zumba instructor

photo of women doing a dance class in the park.

If you have ever been around a gym (or a TV for that matter!) chances are you have heard of Zumba and have even taken a class. Zumba has already been around for many years now and has loyal followers all over the globe.

And for good reason: Zumba is a fantastic workout that is super fun, no matter your age or fitness level. Having been a student for 3 years and a Zumba instructor for 6 years, I’ve put together a 8 tips so you can get the most out of your next Zumba class!


  • Gawk or make fun of other class-mates. This is just a common courtesy in any part of life. Sure, Susie in the corner may move funny, but everyone has their own Zumba style: respect each other!
  •  Be afraid to make some noise! I have the most fun in class when everyone lets loose and shouts and hollas. It adds energy to the class and keeps everyone pumped. I love it!
  • Don’t wear Shape-Up shoes. Okay, this one is pretty specific. Whether you choose to wear Shape-Up shoes daily is your decision, but I highly discourage people from wearing them in Zumba class (or many other fitness class) unless they were specifically designed for more than walking. These shoes are not conducive to proper foot-strike during most fitness activities and can throw you off balance. Rather than “doubling-up” your calorie burn, you could injure yourself instead.

Teaching Zumba at our local Boys and Girls Club


  • Wear appropriate clothing. Wear appropriate clothing for the surroundings and your activity level. Club-wear may not be appropriate for a family facility, but you may get by with it at a nightclub Zumba party. This rule also applies to your choice of underwear. Zumba can be high impact, so women should invest in a good sports bra, and men should consider athletic support. This may save you some very awkward (and potentially painful) mishaps.
  • Be friendly to other classmates. Welcome new students, get to know each other, and lend a helping hand. This creates a friendly environment where fun and fitness can thrive.
  • Be willing to laugh at yourself. Even after 5 years of Zumba, I still mess up (hey, no one’s perfect!). Instead of being mad at myself or embarrassed, I have learned to laugh it off and keep going. Lighten up!
  • Go at your own pace. This goes for any group fitness class – listen to your body above all. If you have joint problems, keep it low impact. If you have heart problems, keep tabs on your heart rate. If you have back problems, don’t do too much twisting. Also, make sure you let the instructor know if you have medical problems they should be aware of (like heart problems).
  • HAVE FUN! Last (but not least), one of the most important things to remember: have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously : )

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    • Hi Marquitta! Back when I was teaching Zumba, I liked to look online at YouTube to see routines and songs that other instructors were doing. I got a lot of fun routines and ideas on there. YouTube was probably my biggest source of inspiration besides the monthly CDs and DVDs we got from Zumba. It’s also helpful to go to other people’s Zumba classes to get new routine and song ideas, too. Most other instructors won’t mind!


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