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Dairy Free Dessert Smoothie Recipes

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Want to indulge a little while still meeting your nutrition goals? Try one of these dairy free and gluten free dessert smoothies! I’ve gathered up some amazing dessert-inspired smoothie and shake recipes that will satisfy your cravings in a healthier way.

Photo collage showing several dairy free dessert-inspired smoothies.

Sometimes when the craving for dessert strikes, you want something a little faster or a little bit healthier. Apple pie, peanut butter cups, birthday cake, you name it, we all get those incredible dessert cravings from time to time!

Whether you’re wanting a sweet treat but pressed for time, or you want to fill your dessert cravings without so as much sugar, we have a roundup of delicious dessert-inspired smoothies for you!

Made with things like fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, these smoothies are packed with nutrients and flavor. Every recipe here is gluten free and dairy free, or easily adapted to be both by making simple swaps.

And there are plenty of paleo and vegan options in here, too! There’s something for everyone, whether you’re craving fruit, chocolate, pumpkin, or coffee.

These smoothies are a bit healthier than their namesake desserts, but many of them are more indulgent than our healthy smoothie recipes. They are perfect if you’re looking for a change of pace from regular fruit smoothies. Many of these have added protein as well!

Dairy free dessert smoothie recipes

Here is our list of amazing smoothie recipes (and some shake recipes) that lean more towards dessert!

Some of them are healthier, while others are closer to the actual desserts. But each recipe listed here is gluten free and dairy free (or can easily be adapted to be gluten free and dairy free).

Dessert-inspired smoothie and shake recipes from The Fit Cookie

Here are some more indulgent smoothies from yours truly! My favorite is the PB&J smoothie, which we make with Sunbutter to be peanut free.

Dessert smoothie recipes from other bloggers

This post was originally published in January of 2017, I recently re-wrote it and updated the recipes I included here!

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  1. Great roundup Sarah! So many delicious and healthy smoothies in one place. I just have to save the recipes one by one and try them all. I love smoothies. Such a healthy way to start the day 😉 Thanks for including my recipes too :* Sharing and pinning!

  2. Such an awesome round up of delicious and gorgeous smoothies.. Spoiled for choice.. Going to have to try them one by one.. I love smoothies.


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