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5 Ways to Respect Yourself This Week

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Stay healthy this spring with more attention to self care. Here are 5 ways to respect yourself this week that don’t involve “work” or “diet”

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Wow…who else besides me overdid it with Easter food this weekend? Although my eating habits have improved tremendously over the last few years, I know that I could have eaten better and moved more. But, this is a fresh week that no one (and no mistakes) have touched yet, so I am stepping forward with a clean slate!

Lately my focus has been more on learning to respect my body more. One way I am learning to respect myself more is by breaking the vicious cycle of overeating and guilt I sometimes fall into.

GNC Respect Yourself

5 Ways you can respect yourself this week…

that don’t involve the words “work” or “diet”

  1. Reduce your stress levels: Set aside time each week to unwind and give your mind a rest
  2. Change the channel on negative self talk: make an effort to switch off the negative and turn on the positive!
  3. Make one healthy swap this week: instead of a coffee-break doughnut, try a Larabar or KIND bar! Making swaps for healthier foods will become a habit after a while
  4. Reaffirm your personal wellness goals: remind yourself why you are on this journey toward better health. We all need to refocus now and then when we stray from our intended path
  5. Stay hydrated! Some researchers believe that water is actually a nutrient itself that people don’t get enough of.  I know I don’t drink enough water! Don’t wait until you are thirsty before you guzzle up.

Remember: progress, not perfection!

Another way I respect myself: trying to stay on top of my supplements! I know that there are many viewpoints about supplement use, but I personally value supplements to help me fill in the gaps caused by my dietary limitations (I can’t eat dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, or gluten).

And because of my food sensitivities, probiotics are an essential part of my day. I rarely start a day without high-dose probiotics.

GNC Respect Yourself

I got to try some newly released GNC supplements this past week and I loved them! I am already a big GNC fan and I use their probiotics, but I got to try their TriFex Comfort supplement for the first time, as well as the Women’s UltraMega One Daily.

All of these supplements are fantastic and great for people with food allergies (like me). The only thing I didn’t like is that there is sucralose and coloring in the coating of the Women’s UltraMega One Daily.

I avoid artificial sweeteners, so I would love to see this supplement without the sucralose and added coloring. Otherwise, the supplements are great and they make a perfect complement to my active lifestyle, especially the joint supplement!

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