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IHRSA Innovations in Fitness

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Disclosure: I received a free ticket to this event as a blogger/media person in exchange for blog postsWe went to the IHRSA 2013 conference and Expo in Las Vegas this year! Here are my favorite fitness machines and innovations 

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This year was my very first time attending the IHRSA conference, and the Expo was my favorite part by far! I love to learn about new tools and technologies in fitness, and the IHRSA Expo delivered. I picked some of the best new tools and technologies to share! Since there was so much to see, I am writing more posts featuring new technology, so stay tuned for more 🙂

Perform Better Vibra Roller

 Perform Better has a new myofascial release roller (the VibraRoll) that vibrates to better target your muscles and fascia. It works great! It is a unique spin on foam rollers, plus it has a solid core that houses the vibrating component so the roller won’t get compressed after continuous use like other foam rollers.


Check out these cool Reebok balance boards that Perform Better also sells!

Reebok wobble board

 Speaking of balance boards, there were several vendors at the expo that offered indoor surfboard-inspired balance boards designed for exercise and yoga. FreeMotion has an OceanYogaFit board that is a smaller surf board with balance balls (think Bosu) attached to the bottom to add instability during exercise.

It mimics activities on a surf or paddle-board in the water, except you can do this at home or in a facility. Pretty cool! Laird Hamilton was at the booth as well,  but I think I missed him!

FreeMotion Ocean Yoga

SurfSet Fitness also released a surf-inspired balance board. The base is more complicated with more moving parts, but the movement in the board is greater.

SurfSet Fitness

Sproing is a treadmill alternative that features a harness system attached to a stand. There are no moving parts to this equipment: the base consists of a thick mat and the user “runs” with their body weight against the harness.

You can run forward, backward, or sideways, and the system is said to reduce the impact on your joints as well as improve running form. I didn’t try this piece of equipment, but it looks fun!


 One of my husband’s favorite things at the IHRSA Expo was the RealRyder stationary bike. This bike is truly unique: it is designed to move side to side to mimic the turning ability of a real bike. It engages your core and upper body as you work to balance yourself on the bike and make turns. My husband instantly fell in love with this bike!



Some companies have been finding ways to add core work to regular exercise to maximize calorie burn and muscle recruitment. One of these companies, BalaCore, manufactures lifting benches that have built-in stability balls.


Stay tuned for more fitness innovations from the 2013 IHRSA Expo!

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