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4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go

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Eating healthy while traveling? No worries! Here are 4 tips for eating healthy on the go so you can stay healthy wherever your travels take you

Travel eating tips
Hi friends! Remember back to one of my posts from this spring when and I said that was my last vacation post? Well, I kinda lied… Here is another post inspired from my vacation 😉 Why has it taken this long to get here you might ask?

Well, I submitted this to a website for publishing and it didn’t make it so I’m sharing it here instead of trying to get it posted elsewhere. As much as I love other websites, I love posting in this space first, so this one is all mine (and yours haha).

We had such a blast on our vacation to Mexico earlier this year and surprisingly my stomach did fantastically well. I had minimal IBS problems while traveling there and once we got to America and started eating restaurant food again my tummy troubles returned. American restaurant food can be the devil. Seriously.

At any rate this post is about eating healthy while traveling anywhere, not just to Mexico. Traveling can be both an amazing experience and a healthy living challenge at the same time, so it’s important to have your ducks in a row, especially if you have food allergies/intolerances. Keeping your diet on track can be difficult to say the least!


Don’t leave your diet to chance when traveling! If your upcoming plans include globetrotting, then here are 4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go:

Eat fruits and veggies at every meal

Make produce a priority! If you are eating at a buffet, this shouldn’t be too hard: make at least 1/3 your plate veggies and/or fruits. If you are ordering at a restaurant, choose salad or a veggie soup as your starter, and replace some of the starchy sides in the meal (like rice, potatoes, or bread) with extra vegetables. Most restaurants are happy to do this for no extra charge.

Eat until you are satisfied

This can be a challenge if you are eating really delicious food, but remember this: there will always be another great meal for you to try! You can save half your meal for later if you have a fridge in your hotel room. Or you can share a large plate with your travel buddy.

Snack less and eat structured meals

It is so tempting to snack all day long when you are traveling! Whether you are road tripping or flying on a plane, the quickest noshes are usually high calorie snacks that don’t do a great job of filling you up. Make sure you take time to have structured meals and healthy snacks. Pack sturdy veggies and fruits with you (like carrots and apples) so you have fruits and veggies on hand when hunger strikes.

Save your calories for special foods

Make the bulk of your meals low-calorie and nutrient-dense foods, and save the high-calories for special treats. When it comes to those treats, eat moderate portions and don’t go wild. Also, don’t drink your daily calories. Alcohol and soft drinks add up fast, so have a couple drinks here and there but don’t chug them all day long. My favorite drink on my vacation to Mexico was soda water and lime over ice: cold + fizzy + refreshing… and no calories!

You can have fun on vacation and still stay on track with healthy meal choices. Make sure you focus on eating well the majority of the time and indulging on the really great things reasonably. Focus on feeling your best during and after vacation to help you stay on track and you won’t regret it.

Want some more travel eating tips? Check out my post about grain-free on-the-go with great snack ideas!


2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go”

  1. Great post! I find eating on the go it so difficult unless I meal prep everything in advance, and I’m always on the go so meal prep becomes tedious at times. I’ll need to make sure I use some of these tips! So glad I found this blog!

    • Meal planning is a great tool for traveling! I usually pack snacks and then pick good foods at meal times at restaurants so I don’t usually pack meals with me unless it’s gluten-free oats for breakfasts or protein powder 🙂 But if you can pack meals, that’s great!


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