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Good Things and Happenings!

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I received a pair of Pro Compression socks for free to include in this post

We have some good things and happenings in the works for 2013! Here are some of our upcoming races, blogging conferences, and a compression sock review

The weather has been beautiful lately (well, up till today!) and we have been busy in our house with lots of goings-on and plans for Spring and Summer!

Trail Marathon

Photo from Dream Chasers website http://www.dreamchaserevents.com/Races/Grand-Teton-Races
Photo from Dream Chasers website http://www.dreamchaserevents.com/Races/Grand-Teton-Races

 My husband and I are going to embark on a new adventure together with some other family members: we are planning on running a trail marathon in August in Jackson, Wyoming! I am in good shape but I have never been a great runner, so this is a big challenge for me.

We have 4-5 months to prepare for this race, and we plan on doing some other trail runs in the meantime to get ready. I have been stuck in a rut lately with my fitness, so this BIG new goal has given me the juice I need to kick it up a notch.

I have already started training for this outside on grass and trail and I am really enjoying it! In fact, I think I have found a new fitness hobby! I could definitely get hooked on trail running. I am going to post some workouts and plans I have found that I am using, so stay tuned for more!

In addition to adding more races this year and working towards a big race, we are planning on doing more hiking, climbing, rollerblading, biking and backpacking this year – basically anything outdoors and family-oriented.

I can’t stand it when summer comes and goes and I haven’t spent enough time outside with my kids. We all need sunshine and fresh air, and this year I am committing to getting more of  both with my kids!

My partner in crime - great magazine so far!
Great magazine!

Pro Compression Socks

I am hitting the dial on my training and running and getting serious about losing some extra fat and getting prepped for the races I am planning for this summer and keep up with my Zumba classes and weight lifting!

I have been getting serious about recovery these days, foam rolling every day that I am working out, drinking more water, and wearing compression socks during or after workouts.

I have given away Pro Compression socks and have put their ads up forever, but I finally got to try the Pro Compression marathon socks out! I love them – I want more of them now in other colors 😉

Pro Compression

I have a pair of Hylete compression socks and I just got a pair of Pro Compression socks to review, and I prefer the Pro Compression socks! They are thicker, more durable, and they are more compressive in the calf and arch area where I need it most. P.S. you can get a 40% discount on Pro Compression socks on my Discounts page!

Fitness and Health Social Media Conference (aka Fit Social Conference)

Fit Social

This year the Fitness and Health Social Media Conference is being held in September in Colorado and I am attending this awesome event for the first time!  The Fit Social Conference promises to be a great one, with fitness classes, hiking, and fitness and blogging sessions.

I am super excited to attend this conference, PLUS I am looking forward to meeting more of my fellow FitFluential, Sweat Pink, and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors as well! Want to meet me there? Register for the conference and say “hi”!


3 thoughts on “Good Things and Happenings!”

  1. Oh wow, thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I could come “find” you! I love this post because you so clearly put into detail what we (my dh and I) dream about by living where you do. We are making concrete plans to make the leap from AL to CO within the next few years and what you just wrote is EXACTLY what we think about if..no..WHEN we make the move. I’m a trail runner at heart and I’m fortunate to have some elevation in the AL-TN-GA area, but I could get used to taming the trails in CO and WI.

    I’ve never tried Pro compressions. I wore my first pair of compression socks last year after driving 18 hours straight from AL to Co. Springs. My legs and feet swelled to enormous proportions and I bought a pair of Smartwool at REI. I wore them all month in CO but didn’t start REALLY using them for running until a few weeks ago. I need to try ProCompression since they compress at the arch. Thanks for the discount info!

    • Thanks for stopping by Katrina! I love the extra arch support in these socks. I have high arches and need all the help I can get! Whenever you move to Colorado let me know – we have family down there and we go down for mud runs sometimes 🙂


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