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Is Fitness Motivation Overrated?

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Do you only rely on motivation to get you to the gym? Here’s my motivation is fleeting and can’t be relied on as much as dedication and discipline

Do you only rely on motivation to get you to the gym? Here's my motivation is fleeting and can't be relied on as much as dedication and discipline


What does that word mean to you? How can you get it back when you have completely lost it?

An even bigger question may be: is motivation overrated in the fitness world? Do we put too much emphasis on motivation and not enough emphasis on dedication? What happens when the motivation is gone?

Barring over-training or illness, a lack of motivation for fitness and clean eating can and will happen to anyone. But dedication and hard work take over when motivation goes AWOL.

This weekend I had no motivation whatsoever! I felt a bit crummy, ate too much, and didn’t exercise. My will to move forward despite my lack of motivation just wasn’t there. Come Monday morning, I was feeling my poor choices! What separates the Olympic heroes from people like me? Dedication, determination, and hard work.

That is not to say that I am lazy (far from it!), but I realized over this past weekend that I cannot meet my goals or reach my dreams without those three things, regardless of my motivation level.

Motivation can be a great tool, but we cannot forget that it is not our only tool. Whatever you want to achieve in life, remember this: dedication trumps motivation. Motivation is emotion-based and will come and go: it is human nature.

But dedication is born of mental fortitude, adversity, and discipline. Reach ahead this week with discipline, regardless of your motivation level! Sometimes the best way to get motivated again is to dig deep and really look for it inside: let your dedication out!   🙂

Post photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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