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18 Meaningful Quotes to Brighten Your Day

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Some days we just need a bit of wisdom to get us through rough days! Here are 18 of my favorite meaningful quotes to help you get your mind right to finish your day strong

image of mountains and valleys with words overlaid "18 meaningful quote to brighten your day".

Hey friends! This post is a a bit of a different one from the normal workout or recipe: it’s a collection of some of my favorite quotes and images that I have made over the last few years and shared either on my blog in various places or on social media.

photo of pebble beach with motivational quote
WE decide if things become stumbling blocks or stepping stones!

I’ve always felt that motivation can be fleeting and discipline trumps motivation to get work done in the long haul, but I love motivational quotes. There’s nothing like a good quote from C.S. Lewis or Theodore Roosevelt to get my mind in the right place. Like Todd Durkin says, “get your mind right!” 😉

night sky with stars and scripture about leadership

It’s so easy to get sidetracked, forget where we’re heading, or forget our purpose, and sometimes we need that mindset shift or that path adjustment to get us back on the right track mentally. Refocusing on what really matters, and shifting focus away from the things that don’t matter.

photo of friends by the golden gate bridge with a motivational quote by Helen Keller

I hope this post provides from encouragement through great quotes from amazing people like C.S. Lewis, Theodore Roosevelt, J.R.R. Tolkien, and beautiful images from Unsplash (one of my favorite places for free images!).

image of trees at dusk with motivational quote by Harriet Tubman
quote about changes from maria Robinson
Photo of lemon blossoms with a quote about growth overlaid

Personal growth can only come from stretching yourself beyond your limits of comfort. Whether you want to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically, or relationally, you must step out into the unknown to experience changes. If you want change in your life, change in routine must take place.

Whether your risks are successful or fall short, you will still gain experience and growth. Make a habit of trying something new or different each week! Find a new exercise to try, make a new friend, find a new recipe to cook, learn a new skill …the possibilities are endless!

photo of succulent plants with C.S. Lewis motivational quote
photo of friends swimming in a lake with a motivational quote by Arthur Ashe
woman in the fields in the sunlight with a motivational quote by Walt Disney
photo of railroad tracks with motivational George Washington Carver Quote
purple background with Dr. Seuss motivational quote
J.R.R. Tolkien motivational quote "So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending"
photo of trees and starry sky with Theodore Roosevelt motivational Quote
bee and flower photo with Anne Frank motivational quote
photo of wood boardwalk toward the ocean with a motivational quote about life choices
image of rocky oceanfront with pounding surf and Mark Twain motivational quote
brick path with motivational quote about progress
Motivational quote image with quote from Winston Churchill on success
Photo of mountain range and beach with motivational quote from Bear Grylls about survival
motivational quote from Theodore Roosevelt about getting along with people

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