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3 Exercises to do with Fitness Gliders/Sliders

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Got a set of exercise gliders? You can get a great workout at home! Here are my favorite fitness glider exercises that target legs and abs

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My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!) - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

Hi friends, I hope your spring is going great so far! The weather has been getting nicer bit by bit here, but we still had some snow the other day. We are really looking forward to nice weather so we can do some more outside! I’m itching to do more bicycling and hiking this year.

Training for our triathlon is coming along nicely, and my running is getting better aside from the fact that my runner’s knee decided to flare up again this past week and has been bothering me lately. Boo 🙁 I had to cut my run short yesterday due to knee pain, which hasn’t happened in a while. Doing more lunges lately has been the culprit.

For some reason, lunges seem to bother my knee, so I’m going to stop the lunges and focus on some other leg and glute exercises: deadlifts, bridges, hamstring curls, leg press, etc. I have good lunge form and proper shoes, so I’m going to get a doc to look at my knee and make sure I don’t have bone spurs in my knee or hip. I already have several bone spurs on some of my other joints (genetics I suspect), so this is my next order of business.

My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!) - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

My swimming is improving! Not the best, but getting better

Meanwhile, I’m going to work to keep my strength training routine in place but modifying for my knee until I can get the inflammation down and see a orthopedist. Lunges are awesome and one of my favorite exercises, but such a bummer when they hurt my knee after all the progress I was making.

Instead of doing lunges, there are plenty of other great leg and glute exercises that I can do, including one of my favorite leg exercises: the hamstring curl with sliders. My friend Emily over at Momsanity sent me a set of their new sliders to review, along with a giveaway for a set of sliders.

I love using sliders with my training clients, too: they add another dimension to traditional exercises to target muscles groups in different ways. Here are a few of my favorite slider exercises (that don’t involve lunges):  

My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!): slider hamstring curl - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

Hamstring curls with sliders: make sure you don’t over-arch your low back in this move. You’ll feel this one in your glutes and hamstrings, and this one is knee-friendly!

My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!): slider plank kick-through - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

Slider plank with kick-through: make sure you maintain good plank form during this move and keep your hips and shoulders square to the floor. Your hips should stay low, don’t lift them too high!

My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!): slider knee tuck - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

Slider plank with knee tuck: keep your hips low with this move, making sure your wrists are under your shoulders. Keep the weight in your upper body and avoid the temptation to sit back on your feet

My Favorite Slider Exercises (and a Giveaway!): slider knee tuck - #ad @momsanity #fitness #fitfluential #giveaway

The Momsanity Sliders:

  • Are double sided for both hard floors (wood, tile, linoleum, etc.) and carpet
  • Have a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee
  • Come with a nylon carrying bag
  • Come with a complimentary set of 5 slider workouts (includes arms, booty, legs, core, and upper body workouts)

You can buy the Momsanity Triangle Core Sliders on Amazon, they are a great price and are perfect for home workouts, travel workouts, or for using at the gym.

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  1. I have been eyeing getting sliders for a long time now… I would love to try them especially since I’m doing more home work outs now that our kids keep getting sick!

  2. How cool is that!!!! What an awesome giveaway,.. Would love to win. good luck everyone.

    I have never used them but sure would like to give them a try.

  3. I have not used sliders before. I’ve done an exercise video where they used them but I had to find paper plates. I would love to do 3 point touches. Those are kind of like the slide plank with kick-through. I would also do spider planks.

  4. I’ve never used sliders, but I’ve come across workout plans that involve them and I’ve always wanted to try them out!

  5. I have not used sliders before and think it would make exercising much more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing a variety of poses that can be done if you are not able to do the regular type!


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