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The Best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall

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There are plenty of ways to enjoy the cool fall weather and bright leaves of autumn! Here are some of my favorite family outdoor activities for fall

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The best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall #ad @Flonase #fall #family

Hey friends! Are you excited about fall? I love summer, but fall is always a welcome time of year.

Except for the Wyoming wind, there is so much to love about fall! Fall harvests, cooler days and baking with warm spices, and beautiful bright colors.

No matter what season it is, make some time to get out and create lasting family memories! Make the most of your fall with some of my favorite family activities.

The best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall #ad @Flonase #fall #family

Apple picking

One of my favorite memories from years ago was going with my family to pick apples at an orchard in Washington state. I have lived in Wyoming most of my life but we did live in Washington state for a little while when I was a teenager. We had lots of fun exploring new places!

Each weekend my family took a little trip to new places close by, including local vineyards, hiking trails, beaches, little islands, hazelnut orchards, and apple orchards.

On one of our weekend trips we found an apple orchard and paid by the basket to pick our own delicious fruit. It was so much fun and such a great memory! Plus we went home with lots of amazing apples to eat and cook.

The best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall #ad @Flonase #fall #family

Apples from my mom’s tree

Pumpkin picking

Wyoming doesn’t have too many apple orchards (near us anyway) so the apple picking is tough to find around here, but there are pumpkin patches in different areas that we can travel to and get some pumpkins.

We haven’t done this yet, but it’s on our list for this year! The nearest pumpkin patch is at least an hour’s drive away, but I think we have found one we can go to this year.

The best time to harvest pumpkins is before first frost, so if there is an early frost there will likely be an early harvest. Keep an eye out for announcements from your favorite pumpkin patch so you don’t miss picking pumpkins!

The best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall #ad @Flonase #fall #family

Fall color bike rides

Biking is a great way to see your favorites places! Site seeing on a bike is much more intimate than driving – you get to feel the fresh air and smell the trees.

You can look up some of the best areas for fall bike tours, or you can look up bike tours in your favorite areas.

If you can’t find fall color riding groups or rides near you, then put together your own! Get friends and family together to go on a bike ride to see some beautiful fall foliage and pack a picnic to enjoy too.


Another one of my favorite memories from living in Washington was going for walks. All the time! We found great walking trails all over our town and we walked just about every day. When fall came, we loved going to the parks and gathering up the biggest and brightest maple leaves we could find and then pressing them in a book to keep for later.

Walking or hiking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get moving wherever you happen to live. Just like bike riding, walking and hiking is one of the best ways to sightsee since you get to experience nature on a deeper level.

The best Family Outdoor Activities for Fall #ad @Flonase #fall #family

Managing fall allergies

While you’re enjoying those beautiful sights and experiences of fall, make sure you are taking care of your fall allergies, too. Allergens to ragweed can be particularly bad in the fall, so make sure you are taking care of your body so you can enjoy fall activities.

Allergy Relief can help you be greater than your fall and pet allergies so you can really enjoy your fall activities! Flonase offers 24-hour relief of congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy watery eyes.

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  1. Sarah, we are lucky enough to not get Fall allergies, but we do in the Spring. I can’t wait to run in the rain, {hoping we get some here in Northern California} and soon. Fall is so pretty and cozy.

    • Cozy is such a good word for fall! I am enjoying fall now a bit more now that we moved into town and it’s not quite so windy in our area. Fall gets pretty windy here, especially in October. Most people are celebrating Halloween in snow suits here haha!


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