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What’s In My Allergy Friendly Fridge

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Curious what an allergy friendly food blogger’s fridge looks like? Take a peek to see what’s in my fridge this week and some of my favorite things!

What's In My Allergy-Friendly Fridge - TheFitCookie.com

Today is going to be a little bit different: I am letting you take a peek to see what’s in my allergy-friendly fridge! I am linking up with Lee at Running with Ollie to share our foodstuffs with readers. If you have ever been curious what an allergy-friendly fridge looks like, then keep reading. If you’re super judge-y, then skip this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you are super curious, you can check out her post to see what other bloggers have in their fridge.

What's in My Allergy-Friendly Fridge - TheFitCookie.com

Our fridge usually has 3 different types of milk at any given time: unsweetened almond milk for me (either Silk or Blue Diamond), regular cow’s milk for my husband, and rice milk or coconut milk for my kids. Um…ignore that bottle of root beer – it was left over from a party ๐Ÿ˜‰

We try not to have soda in the house but it gets in there sometimes. I also try to keep cheese and real butter in the fridge for my husband to enjoy. He is the only one in our house that can have dairy (lucky!).

We have typical ketchup and barbecue sauce and salsa in there, but I try to buy ones that don’t have high fructose corn syrup on them. Also, make sure to check the labels on these condiments: some store brands (like Great Value) have allergy warnings on them.

Here are some of my favorite things in my fridge right now:

What's in My Allergy-Friendly Fridge - TheFitCookie.com

  • Better Than Bouillon organic chicken stock paste – awesome stuff and better than chicken stock in a can or carton. The only downside is that this has added yeast extract so I can’t use it too much.
  • Tropical Oasis liquid multi vitamin – I love this stuff! Tastes decent and is easier for me to stomach and absorbs better than pills. Very allergy-friendly, but does contain citrus (for those of you who have citrus allergies)
  • Drew’s salad dressing – dairy, soy, egg, and gluten-free. It does contain canola oil and apple cider vinegar (a source of yeast) so I have to use this sparingly. But it is very yummy. This is made in a facility with nuts, however, so check the label first if you have allergies.
  • Polaner’s All Fruit preserves – Jam with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners! Cherry is my favorite flavor ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Earth Balance Soy-Free Margarine – a life-saver! It contains a bit of pea protein, so I don’t eat a ton of this, but it is the only margarine that my entire family can eat that tastes great. It works good for baking and frosting-making, too

What's In My Allergy-Friendly Fridge - TheFitCookie.com

Trying my hand at cold-brewed coffee. I am impressed so far with the taste! I will post a how-to for cold brewed coffee soon

8 thoughts on “What’s In My Allergy Friendly Fridge”

  1. Hi, what brand of fridge is this? Iโ€™m looking to buy a allergy free fridge but can only find the mini fridge one.
    Thank you!

    • Hi, I can’t remember what brand of fridge this is since it was in my old house and we have since moved. The fridge itself isn’t allergy free if you have chemical allergies, though. Our allergy friendly fridge is just to show what allergy friendly foods we have in our fridge, but the fridge itself isn’t allergy free.

  2. Your fridge looks so healthy! I loved this link up; it was great to see other bloggers’ refrigerators and stocked stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This link-up was really fun! I need to do another post about what’s in my pantry cupboards…I wish I had a real pantry!


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