Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Foodies

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Still looking for gifts for the foodies on your list? We have some fun and unique gifts for foodies of all kinds and a variety of price points.

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Hey all, it’s that time of year for our foodie gift guide!

We’ve been dreaming up some fun things to add to this foodie gift guide and I think we hit on some great ideas.

There is something in here for just about every kind of foodie, plus we’ve featured gifts in a variety of price points so whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you can find foodie gift ideas that fit your budget.

Gifts for foodies

Here are our top picks for foodie gifts this year!

The Child Tea from republic of Tea

We’ll kick this off with one of the things I’m most excited about!

My family has fallen in love with the Mandalorian series, and my daughter loves all things “baby yoda” (the Child).

the Child green tea from Republic of tea

I’m not a big fan of TV series in general (some of them drag on way too long and get weird…), but I’ve been really enjoying this series.

I saw The Child Green Tea from Republic of Tea and thought it was so cool! We already got my daughter some Mandalorian wall art for her room from Hobby Lobby, so this tea would go perfect in her stocking.

La Panza olive oil

If you love robust and flavorful olive oil, La Panza extra virgin olive oil from California makes an awesome gift for foodies!

Pantry pouches of La Panza olive oil

The La Panza Ranch in California had gone through several owners over the years, and was purchased by the Leprino family in 2003 where they spent years cultivating olives to create the La Panza Olive Oil company.

The historic La Panza Ranch was also a hideout in the 1860’s for the outlaw brothers Jesse and Frank James while Jesse James recovered from bullet wounds sustained during a bank robbery.

Pouch of La Panza olive oil Outlaw Blend

La Panza sent me a set of their 3 olive oil varieties in their Pantry Pouches. The Pantry Pouches are designed to keep out light and oxygen, both of which wreck good extra virgin olive oil over time. These will keep your olive oil fresher longer!

There are 3 varieties of La Panza olive oil:

  • Chef’s Blend (my favorite, this is milder and perfect for cooking and recipes)
  • Estate Blend , silver medal winner at the 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition (more robust, great for drizzling and dipping)
  • Outlaw Blend, 2-time silver medal winner at the 2018 and 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition (strongest flavor for those who like a peppery kick!)

The La Panza olive oils make a great gift alone or as part of a culinary gift basket with herbs for creating a dipping oil for your favorite bread.

crusty bread dipped in olive oil with herbs
La Panza olive oils are perfect for herbs and dipping bread

Our meal planner kit

If you love to plan ahead, schedule, and write things down, we created a beautiful printable meal planner for sale on Etsy!

printable meal planner pages

It’s easy to make our meal planner pages reusable, or if you prefer to keep things digital, these pages will work on your tablet or computer as well.

We’re going to work on making a compact version that is smaller sized for fitting on your fridge easier or in small binders!

Our Etsy shop also has some great reusable shopping bags and tote bags that are perfect for your friends who want to avoid plastic.

We are in the process of printing several styles of our Thriving with Food Allergy bags and we’ll have those up on Etsy soon!

Espresso Machine

Since our favorite local coffee shop has shut down their lobby off an on during this year and the drive through lines can get long, I’ve been hunting for a mid-range espresso machine to make our own dairy free lattes and cappuccinos at home.

We usually only get coffee-shop coffee once a week as a family treat since it can get pretty expensive if we did that daily, so this would be a nice way to make our own lattes whenever we want.

This Brim espresso machine has pretty good ratings and is decently priced for a mid-range machine with 19 bars of pressure. I’m still looking at all my options, but I think this is the one I’ll end up getting (fingers crossed it’s on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!).

Brim 19 bar espresso machine

I’ve also been thinking about swapping our compact Keurig for this neat Scoop single serve coffee machine from Hamilton Beach.

It’s half the size of our compact Keurig (which really doesn’t feel compact at all) and since we always use the reusable K-cups and rarely ever use the disposable K-cups (too much waste and the coffee isn’t usually fresh), the Scoop would fit our needs best.

All things KitchenAid

If your friends or family are in the market for a new mixer or attachments for the KitchenAid that they already have, KitchenAid has some pretty dope machines and attachments, as well as cold brew coffee makers, blenders, and cookwaree.

KitchenAid also regularly has sales, and since we’re an affiliate for KitchenAid we add their sales as they happen to our Discounts page!

KitchenAid artisan mixer with hobnail bowl
How pretty is this limited edition Artisan Series KitchenAid with hobnail bowl?

Here are some of the fun attachments you can get for a KitchenAid if your creative foodie friend or family member already has a machine:

We bought a refurbished bowl-lift KitchenAid not too long ago and we’re going to get a food grinder attachment next year for our wild game hunting since we usually process everything ourselves at home.

Tea Drops

The Tea Drops company makes tea drops that are finely ground teas pressed into a fun shape. You just add the tea drop to hot water or hot milk, steep, stir, and drink!

Tea Drops just released their Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Set to make your own bubble tea at home.

If bubble tea isn’t your thing, they also have other great gift sets and limited edition holiday teas (like Chocolate Gingerbread).

Tea Drops Boba tea gift set
Tea Drops Boba Bubble Deluxe Tea Set

Other great gifts for foodies

Here are a few more awesome gift ideas for your foodie friends and family, these are allergy friendly too!

LARQ UV light bottle (we shared this in our wellness gift guide as well and wanted to share it here since it’s so cool!)

LARQ UV light water bottle

NoWhey Foods chocolate advent calendar (gluten free and dairy free)

That’s It chocolate truffles (top 8 free, paleo)

Gluten Free snack Box from Love with Food

Amore di Mona chocolate and caramels (top 8 free and do yummy!!)

Siete Hot Sauce Variety Pack (top 8 free)

I’m all that and Dim Sum shirt

5-Blade Herb Scissors

OXO handheld spiralizer

Sprout Bookmarks (perfect for cookbooks!)

Fake takeout paper lunch bags

Mastrad Healthy Chip Maker Set

Kale and herb stripping comb

people exchanging gifts in front of a Christmas tree

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