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Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Gifts for Foodies

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Looking for unique holiday gifts for the foodies on your Christmas list? We have some fun and unique gifts for foodies of all kinds and a variety of price points. There is something here for nearly every foodie!

Disclosure: LARQ, La Panza, and Forest Decor sent me free products. All opinions are my own.
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Hey all, it’s that time of year for our foodie gift guide!

We’ve been dreaming up some fun things to add to this foodie gift guide and I think we hit on some great ideas.

There is something in here for just about every kind of foodie, plus we’ve featured gifts in a variety of price points so whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you can find foodie gift ideas that fit your budget.

Gifts for foodies

Here are our top picks for foodie gifts this year!

Our reusable shopping bags and our new glassware

We recently re-launched our shop and added some old favorites and some new products!

Thriving with food allergies canvas tote bag.

We have sturdy tote bags that make great reusable shopping bags, and we just added some new can-shaped glassware with some fun designs.

A glass with the words "do holly's" - the perfect gift for foodies who love refreshing lemonade.

La Panza olive oil

If you love robust and flavorful olive oil, La Panza extra virgin olive oil from California makes an awesome gift for foodies! Plus they have a little bit of Western history mixed in, too.

Pantry pouches of La Panza olive oil

The historic La Panza Ranch in California has gone through several owners over the years, and it was also a hideout in the 1860’s for the outlaw brothers Jesse and Frank James while Jesse James recovered from bullet wounds sustained during a bank robbery.

Pouch of La Panza olive oil Outlaw Blend

La Panza sent me a set of their 3 olive oil varieties in their Pantry Pouches. The Pantry Pouches are designed to keep out light and oxygen, both of which wreck good extra virgin olive oil over time.

La Panza offers 3 varieties of olive oil, my favorite is the Chef’s Blend, which is milder and perfect for cooking and recipes. These oils make a great gift alone or as part of a culinary gift basket with herbs for creating a dipping oil for your favorite bread.

crusty bread dipped in olive oil with herbs

Olive wood kitchen boards

If you’re looking for a unique gift that you can customize, Forest Decor makes beautiful olive wood cutting boards and charcuterie boards!

Their boards are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, and they offer customization for several of their boards, so you can have the name of your giftee stylishly engraved into their board.

An olive wood cutting board with blackberries, limes, and a knife.

Forest Decor sells more than just boards, too. They also sell olive wood bowls, spoons, utensil holders, rolling pins, and more.

Espresso Machine

Back in 2020 when the lobby to our favorite coffee shop shut down for a while, I decided to get an espresso machine to make lattes at home so I wouldn’t have to wait in long drive-through lines.

I ended up getting this Brim espresso machine and have used it pretty frequently the past 3 years that I’ve had it. It is affordable compared to some other machines out there, and it has worked great so far and I’ve had no complaints with the machine or the components. It has been heavily used in our house and it’s still running great.

Brim 19 bar espresso machine

All things KitchenAid

KitchenAid always has some pretty gorgeous looking stand mixers in their design series, and their 2022 design release with a thyme-colored mixer and hammered copper bowl is perfection.

A kitchen with a mixer and bread on the counter, perfect for gifts for foodies.
Photo credit KitchenAid.com

Here are some of the fun attachments you can get for a KitchenAid if your creative foodie friend or family member already has a stand mixer:

We bought a refurbished bowl-lift KitchenAid not too long ago and we’re going to get a food grinder attachment next year for our wild game hunting since we usually process everything ourselves at home.

More great gifts for foodies

Here are a few more awesome gift ideas for your foodie friends and family, and most of these are allergy friendly too!

Check out our other great gift guides:

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