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Fit Bites: Zing Protein Bar Review

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Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog reviewLooking for some new protein bars to try? Here’s my blog review of Zing protein bars, there are 2 kinds to choose from: whey and vegan

Zing Bar Profile

Being a health and weight-conscious foodie I am always on the lookout for post-workout snacks. We all need a little help eating well when we are busy, especially if we have special diet considerations and we are away from home. The newest snack to catch my eye was the Zing Bar, a low glycemic protein bar.

Zing Bars

Zing Bars were carefully designed by nutritionists to be nutritionally complete and low glycemic. Zing offers 8 flavors of bars with either a whey protein, brown rice protein, or pea protein base. Some are suitable for vegans, and all are gluten, corn, and soy free, providing options for everyone no matter your diet preference.

There are also 3 types of bars to choose from: chocolate covered, soft cookie, or fruit and nut. Yum!

Zing Bars

What does low glycemic mean? The combination of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and slow digesting sugars (like tapioca syrup and agave nectar) ensures that these bars will not spike your blood sugar. Your blood glucose levels (and your energy levels) will be much steadier so you can avoid the energy crash of candy bars.

The Zing Bars were a big hit at my house! Because of nut allergies, my kids could not give these a try, but I loved the brown rice protein and pea protein bars. My husband, a protein bar skeptic, munched on the whey protein bars that I couldn’t have (I have a dairy allergy) and he loved them! The Almond Blueberry bar was his favorite.

Zing Bar - chocolate covered

Zing Bars are tasty, healthy, nutritionally balanced, and suitable for special diets because they are gluten and soy free. Some of the bars are even suitable for vegans. As you might guess, the chocolate covered bars were my favorite! The Chocolate Coconut bar in the photo above was probably one of my favorite flavors.

Want to try some Zing Bars for yourself?

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    • It is great to see more companies accommodating food allergies since allergy numbers are exploding. Sadly, I am getting sensitive to pea protein, too. I am finding that I have to avoid legumes in general, which is too bad since they are so good for you!


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