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Garden Creek Falls, Casper, Wyoming

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If you’re in Wyoming and exploring the area, check out Garden Creek Falls in Casper! It’s a beautiful place to hike and take photos

photo of Garden Creek falls with text overlay

One of my favorite summer activities is exploring our area a bit and finding new places to hike when we travel around Wyoming and our closely neighboring state, South Dakota. I love adding them to the blog for you to check out if you’re ever in the area!

Wyoming is a pretty amazing place, but I might be biased a bit since I’ve lived here nearly my entire life 😉 Last weekend I worked one of the aid stations for a local gravel grinder and got to meet some pretty amazing athletes from Wyoming and neighboring states!

The weekend before that, we went to the Smoking Guns match in Casper, Wyoming, and the kids and I took a little time to explore. I’ve been to Casper countless times throughout my life, but I’ve never checked out the hiking areas there, so I looked up some hiking trails and found Garden Creek Falls in Rotary Park in the foothills of Casper Mountain. It’s a beautiful area!

We actually went to see Garden Creek Falls two days in a row: the first day we went, we hiked around and I realized that my Canon camera battery was completely dead when we got there.

Fortunately, we had some family coming down to visit, so I had them bring my camera battery charger with them, so I was able to go back to the falls the following morning to get some better photos. So some of these photos are taken with my Canon, and some of these are taken with my iPhone since I forgot to check my camera battery before we left the house haha. Lesson learned for next time.

I still haven’t learned how to take great waterfall photos with slow shutter speed to make them look more flowy, and I just ordered a polarizing filter for those water and creek shots (should come in the mail next week!), so bear with my ammature waterfall photos 😉

close up photo of a flower in Wyoming

We saw plenty of wild flowers, I got to try out some macro photography with my zoom lens. Something I still need to work on, but it’s so satisfying to see the results!

Garden Creek Falls, Casper WY

Getting to the waterfall itself is super easy and accessible for anyone, even people with strollers and disabilities. But getting to the upper observation decks for the waterfall farther up the canyon walls is steep and strenuous when you’re taking the trail to the left while facing the waterfall (there are some loose fences up there to help on the steepest areas).

Once we got to the top of the canyon, it wasn’t too steep after that, but there are drop offs down the canyon that you’ll want to watch out for. If you take small kids and pets, make sure they can stay on the trail!

trail map of rotary park in casper

We made a loop up the trail to the observation decks, above the falls, and down around the part of the West Loop back to the parking lot. Our loop was short (probably only 1.3 miles), but it was good.

hiking to Garden creek falls

There are 2 parking lots at the Rotary Park trails, we parked at the first parking lot we came to and hiked a bit farther to Garden Creek Falls. There are places to picnic at the park, but no camping spots here.

trail in casper wy

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garden creek falls observed from the bridge
garden creek bridge
The bridge right in front of Garden Creek Falls

Our hiking essentials for longer hikes:

closer photo of garden creek falls
Garden Creek Falls
benches by Garden falls in rotary park in casper wy
hiking up to the observation decks at Garden creek falls
Hiking up to the observation decks, this trail is steep
observation deck at garden creek falls
One of the observation decks
hiking in wyoming
The trail above the falls
hiking view of casper wy
On the opposite side of the canyon from the observation decks
crossing garden creek near casper wyoming
Crossing Garden Creek near the upper parking lot
view of casper wyoming from rotary park
Beautiful views of Casper on our way back to the lower parking lot

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