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70+ Gluten Free Dairy Free School Snack Recipes

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It’s back to school time again! If you’re on the lookout for allergy friendly snacks, then we’ve got what you’re looking for: here are over 70 gluten free dairy free snack recipes that are perfect for school, lunch boxes, parties, or anytime!

photo collage of various allergy friendly school snack recipes

Can you believe school is starting soon?! My kids start school next week, but some of you have kids who already started school much earlier!

I’m not ready for summer to be over just yet, but regardless of how I feel it, school time is here again (it sure feels like summer flew by).

To help you with your school lunch and snack planning for school, I’ve gathered up over 70 gluten free and dairy free snack recipes perfect for school!

This recipe roundup of allergy friendly school snacks have a good mix of sweet snacks, as well as healthy and savory snacks. So there’s something here for every taste.

We even included some decadent sweets for school parties, like birthdays and holidays so your kids can enjoy sweet treats with everyone safely.

Every recipe in this roundup is gluten free, dairy free, and nut free (excluding coconut), and most (if not all) of them are also soy free. My nut free labels on these recipes do not include coconut since coconuts are not true tree nuts. But when in doubt, always follow your allergist’s guidelines for coconut if your child has tree nut allergies.

Gluten free, dairy free, and allergy friendly school snack recipes

Here are more amazing gluten and dairy free school snacks from our website and other great bloggers around the web!

Allergy friendly snack recipes

Allergy friendly recipes great for holiday parties or birthday parties at school

photo collage of various allergy friendly lunchbox snacks

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