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Fit Snacks: Kona Kase Subscription Box Review

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Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog postIf you love subscription boxes and are looking for a fitness based one, check out the Kona Kase! Here’s my review of the Kona Kase subscription box

Kona Kase

 Looking for some new sports performance snacks to break your same-old bar boredom? Check out Kona Kase, one of the newest snack subscription boxes designed specifically to fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

With Kona Kase, you receive a box of 8 sports nutrition products each month. Plus, you get great active-living tips or an inspiring quote in each box to keep you moving. You can collect the cards and post them on a vision board!

Each box also includes a list of the products in the box and information about the manufacturer. If you love the goodies in the box, Kona Kase provides some great discounts on the products from their product partners.

Kona Kase Quote

I got to review the March Kona Kase and I was quite impressed with the quality and variety of the box contents. Many of the snacks are organic, fair trade, and whole-food. I couldn’t eat everything in the box because some of the bars had gluten, but this is to be expected when you get a food-based subscription box so I wasn’t disappointed.

The box had some familiar brands, like Clif, and some new and interesting finds, like BrüBar and Tcho. Everything was tasty!

Kona Kase Review

If you are active and looking for great fuel but are tired of eating the same food all the time, Kona Kase is a great way to try new sports performance products. The market has exploded in recent years with tons of small businesses creating amazing products, and a monthly box like Kona Kase is a perfect way to try them all out and find some new favorites!

You can learn about new trends in nutrition and get some variety while fueling your workouts with high quality food. Kona Kase is affordable, too: it’s only $15 per month and they provide multi-month discounts, free shipping, and any-time cancellation.

12 thoughts on “Fit Snacks: Kona Kase Subscription Box Review”

  1. Just ordered mine. However the 3MO discount would not work. However, the way I found Kona Kase was through everymove.org. This page allows you to earn points toward discounts or donations. I have donated about 40 dollars via everymove.org – no money out of pocket. Once you reach a goal you get to claim the reward. This time I chose Kona Kase then did a search for reviews to see if I should give them a try and found “fitBetty.”

    I am not part of everymove.org. My company suggested it and it can be fun with some competition and to earn some rewards.

    I am into running and cardio, so am looking forward to what comes in the box to try new things.

  2. I’m really excited to get my Kona Kase! It looks like there is some really great stuff in there. The hubby loves it when I can’t have something in the box! lol

    • There is a mix of items in the box so not all of them are bars, I got some chocolate and nut butter in there, too. The BruBar, Earnest Bar, and Clif Crunch bars were oat-based with 3-4 grams fiber each and @11-12 grams sugar each, so they are moderate in fiber and sugar. You can go on the Kona Kase website and check out all of their past boxes to get an idea of what they put in the boxes. The January box had FRS, Larabar, and Paleo Bakehouse items so there is a mix of whole food and traditional performance snacks in there.


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