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Fit Bites: Simply Snackin’ Review

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Disclosure: I received free Simply Snackin bars in exchange for a blog post reviewAdd a bit more protein in your day with these healthy and allergy friendly Simply Snackin’ meat sticks. Here’s my Simply Snackin’ review

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I have a confession to make: I am a snack food fiend! If I have something to snack on around the house, I will always reach for the snack food first, even if I have time to prepare something. I am a snack-all-day grazer, which is fine if I can stick to healthy munchies.

One of my favorite snacks is jerky, but I am not always fond of the amount of sodium and preservatives they have in them, along with the hydrolyzed soy and corn proteins and MSG that might be lurking in there. Because of my food sensitivities, finding a quick and healthy protein source on the go can be a challenge.

Simply Snackin


One of my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, told us about some great beef and chicken snacks that are healthy, so I was eager to give them a try. Simply Snackin sent me samples of each variety that they carry, and I loved each flavor!

I have to say that I am impressed with Simply Snackin’s product!  Their snacks are made of high quality beef sirloin and chicken breast, along with a creative blend of fruits and seasonings. Also, Simply Snackin is a small, family owned company, so you can be assured that their products meet high standards.

I love the combination of dried fruit, meat, and seasonings! Bonus history tidbit: dried fruit and meat was a staple in the diet of the American Indians. They preserved their meat by mixing it with berries and drying it to create pemmican, the perfect staple for their frequent travels.

Along with high quality meats, here are some of the other healthy perks of Simply Snackin meat snacks:

  • Low carb & low fat
  • 60 calories per snack
  • Most varieties are lactose free, gluten-free, and are suitable for Paleo diets
  • No artificial anything (no artificial fillers, flavorings, colors, chemicals, MSG, or nitrites)
  • Less sodium than traditional meat snacks
  • 6 sweet and savory varieties

These jerky snacks are affordable, too: a 12 pack costs $17.28, just $1.44 each. This costs less than many commercial protein bars, but these snacks have no chemicals in them.

Through January, get 10% off Simply Snackin gourmet meat snacks with the code SSjan2013

If you are looking for a healthy, quick, and affordable protein source, check out Simply Snackin’s gourmet meat products!

Simply Snackin

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  1. Hey Lady!
    I absolutely adore your blog and wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, a blog award from bloggers for bloggers. I’ll have a post up about it tomorrow (Monday) morning on my blog, Fitful Focus. Keep up the amazing posts :).

  2. I love to see people like the simply snackin gourmet snack strips because I work where they are made and I also love them! I quite often have them at morning break. And yes its a family owned business. And the owners are real nice people the best I’ve ever worked for and I’m 52 so I’ve worked many places!!!! Hope more people try them because of your story!

  3. We love jerky at my house, I will have to check these out. I am always looking for a way to sneak in healthy food into my kids snacks and meals. Great post!


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