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New Page: Fitness Exercise Library!

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Stay tuned for a fun Fitness Exercise Library of exercise videos on The Fit Cookie! We’ll demonstrate how to do exercises safely

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There are tons of health and fitness experts out there, and many of them disagree on certain details of training principles, but one thing most agree on is the importance of adequate strength training whether you are a man or woman.

Many women, however, avoid weight lifting because they either think it will make them bulky, or they are afraid to try it out by themselves for fear of failure or injury.

Do you avoid strength training for any reason? Do you need some help learning how to perform exercises with correct form?

I am creating an exercise database, my FitU fitness library, where you can find how-to’s for great strength training and weight lifting exercises. I believe that strength training and weight lifting is essential to a balanced fitness and fat loss program. I will try to post a new video to my library each week so we can build a database of exercises to add to your routine!

This database is just kicking off, so there isn’t very many videos there yet. If there are some exercises you would like to see demonstrated, now is a great time to let me know! Just leave a comment below : )

So, without further ado, here is a how-to video of one of my very favorite glute exercises: the barbell hip thrust off a bench. It sounds intimidating, but once you get the hang of this exercise, it may quickly become one of your favorites too!

2 thoughts on “New Page: Fitness Exercise Library!”

  1. I have tons of girlfriends that are afraid that weightlifting will make them look like a man…I try to explain to them that this could never happen but they won’t listen.

    I love strength training and the curves that it gives me….cool video, you are super strong 🙂

    xo, jin

    • Thanks Jin! I love weight lifting, too. I used to love it more than cardio of any kind, but I have found a good balance. I was sick over the last couple weeks so I can’t wait to get back into weight lifting again!


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